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Welcome to the MicroENV platform,
your ticket to fast and efficient website and REST API development.

Our platform allows you to create websites with SEO optimization in less than 2 minutes. All you need to do is describe the kind of website you want using your own words. Additionally, we offer you the option to easily create a REST API that returns the structure you desire, customizing requests and responses according to your needs. One of the main advantages of our platform is the ability to generate and download source code for your REST API, as well as Data Transfer Object (DTO) objects based on your inputs and outputs. You can do all of this in any programming language or framework, with the additional option of dockerizing your projects for various technologies. All these functionalities are made possible thanks to artificial intelligence.

Welcome to the world of fast, simple, and efficient development – welcome to MicroENV.


Fast and Efficient Website and REST API Development

Enables rapid development of websites and REST APIs.
Creation of websites with SEO optimization in less than 2 minutes.


Easy Website and REST API Creation

Users describe their desired website using their own words.
Ability to easily create a REST API that returns the desired structure, adapting requests and responses according to user needs.


Code Generation

Ability to generate and download source code for REST APIs.
Generation of Data Transfer Object (DTO) objects based on user inputs and outputs.


Multi-Language Support

Ability to work in any programming language or framework


Project Dockerization

Option to dockerize projects for different technologies.


Artificial Intelligence

All functionalities are enabled thanks to artificial intelligence.


Development Acceleration Tools

Use of tools such as language generators, project generators, REST API mocking, and website generators.
Speeds up and simplifies the development process.


Learning Assistant

Can be used as an assistant in generating HTML pages or boilerplate code for different technologies.


Enhanced Collaboration and Versatility

Fosters collaborative development by providing multi-language support and versatile tools,
enabling seamless teamwork and adaptability across diverse programming environments.


Today is the day to start, because your future self deserves the progress only you can initiate.

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Quick & Easy Process

By using our tools like language generators, project templates, mocking REST APIs, and website generators, you significantly speed up and simplify the development process. The MicroENV platform is not just a powerful tool for professionals but also an excellent resource for learning. It can serve as an assistant in generating HTML pages or boilerplate code for different technologies.

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Awesome Benefits

When you have MicroENV, you're investing in streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective website and REST API development,
empowering you to focus on innovation and growth for your projects.

Effortless Development

MicroENV simplifies the process of creating websites and REST APIs, allowing for quick and efficient development without the complexities of coding, saving time and effort!

SEO Optimization and Customization

Users can create SEO-optimized websites and customize REST APIs tailored to their needs, ensuring visibility and user engagement, enhancing the user experience!

Time and Cost Efficiency

MicroENV accelerates development, reduces manual coding, and lowers project costs, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses and developers, ultimately improving productivity!



During 2019, while software development was underway, there arose a need to use a REST API that would return simulated data. The reason for this was the team's wait for the implementation of a real REST API. To bypass this waiting period, the decision was made to employ a mock REST API - a small application simulating a real environment, located on a local computer. While using this mock API, the idea emerged that this solution could expand into a platform enabling the simulation of REST APIs and Microservices. This platform also facilitated code generation in the Java programming language and Spring Boot framework, alongside automatic dockerization. Soon, it became apparent that the platform could do more - not only simulate REST APIs and Microservices but also host websites. Furthermore, it could support various data formats such as JSON and XML, etc. In 2019, the platform was first deployed and ready for use. Following the advent of deep learning language models (LLM), the platform was enhanced by integrating artificial intelligence into its functionalities, broadening its capabilities. These new features were deployed for use in 2023.

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